Nettle Fibre Project – Sponsor Raw Materials

Would you like to sponsor raw materials in Nepal?

The nettle mix scarves you can buy on this site are proving popular, both in the UK and Nepal. This is very positive, but the downside of this the expensive outlay of purchasing the silk and wool to inter-twine with the nettle. You can help to make a difference.

If you are able to sponsor these raw materials, you will play an important role in the creation of the scarves and shawls you see on this site, directly helping communities in Nepal to escape the poverty trap - and close the door behind them.

Below is a rough guide of the prices the producers have to pay for 1kg of each raw material (we have converted this into pounds sterling, so is only a guide).

Angora Silk Wool
1kg £35 £20 £4

Please select your sponsorship amount from the options below, or specify your own amount and click on the ‘Sponsor Now’ box below. All amounts donated will be spent on raw materials and the project’s progress will be up-dated on the site.

£5 would buy enough sheep wool to make 10 wool and nettle mix scarves
£10 would buy enough silk to make 10 silk and nettle mix scarves
£20 would buy enough angora to make 10 angora and nettle mix scarves

What is Gift Aid? If you are a UK tax payer (i.e for example on your income, state pension, savings interest, rent income etc) then as a registered charity we are able to reclaim basic rate tax on your donation. This increases the value to us at no extra cost to yourself, so if you're eligible please donate with Gift Aid.

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Specify amount:

Why sponsor raw materials?
The nettle producers in eastern Nepal are showing tremendous initiative by growing and extracting fibres from the Himalayan nettle plant that they rate so highly. Transrural Trust is helping these hill-tribe people to realise their vision of building their own social enterprise that will buy in high quality thread to mix with the nettle fibre, and provide this thread and associated training and marketing support to the producers who live in traditional homesteads that are scattered across the hills. This new enterprise aims to be fully self-supporting by 2015, but in the meantime, we ask for your sponsorship to cover the cost of quality threads to inter-twine with the nettle fibre.