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About the producers

Transrural Trust began working with the Kulung Rai hill tribe people in 2004 and following successfu...

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Nettle and Silk Mix Shawl


Width approximately 66cm (26 inches) x length approximately 160 175cm (63 68 inches)

This luxuriant hand-knitted shawl is made from a mixture of nettle fibre and silk.

The beautiful natural nettle and silk shawl is the perfect accessory to an elegant outfit!

Hand-knitted by members of the Kulung Rai hill tribe, the shawl provides a much needed livelihood for this poverty-stricken community.

Because the shawl is hand-made from natural fibre it is completely unique. The different communities within the valley each have their own individual designs, so you can be sure that no-one else will have a shawl quite like yours.

Ethically produced, environmentally friendly, and beautiful, this scarf is a fantastic fashion statement!