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'Lucky Dip' Batik and Beeswax style duck eggs
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Lucky Dip Batik & Beeswax duck eggs - Wholesale
We are currently offering a wholesale deal offering a selection of 150 eggs for £300.
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In 2002, Transrural Trust started working with egg decorators Bucovina, Northern Romania where egg decorating is part of a rich cultural tradition and has been practised for over 250 years. It is also an essential livelihood for the women of Bucovina, where unemployment is endemic.
The egg decorators (95% of whom are women) work from their homes in the remote region transforming blown egg shells into an art form. The duck and goose eggs are decorated with stylised geometric and religious designs, and with pictures of churches, animals, birds, fish and children.
The eggs are decorated using beeswax and dye, using either the ‘Batik’ method or simply painted with coloured beeswax. Other eggs are painstakingly hand painted with religious themes to resemble miniature icons - these are referred to as devotional designs.
The production of the hand-painted eggs involves several steps. First, the eggs are blown, then the eggs have their shells rubbed with salt and molten beeswax to create a base for the decorator to work on. The Batik method will involve the decorator using a metal pin to trace a design onto the egg before being dipped into a dye. As the dye cannot penetrate the beeswax, the area covered with it remains white. This process is repeated several times using a series of different coloured dyes, resulting in amazingly subtle and complex colours and designs. If the beeswax method is used, there is no dying of the eggs involved, instead these eggs are painted by hand with coloured beeswax to result in beautiful relief patterns.
To see more of the different types of eggs, simply click on the picture of the egg that you would like to see more designs of.
Why not also have a look at our ‘Displaying your hand painted eggs’ page on this website for ideas to inspire you how to display these beautiful, traditional decorated eggs in your home.