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Nettle scarves and shawls from Nepal

These delicate hand-knitted scarves and shawls are available in three different varieties; pure nettle fibre as well as nettle fibre mixed with either silk or wool. They are all available in two different sizes, with the ‘shawls’ being slightly wider and longer than the scarves. (exact dimensions are under the images).

So, which one to choose?

Pure nettle fibre (matt finish) or nettle fibre & silk (for a sheen finish) are perfect choices If you’re looking for something that is highly decorative and detailed and light to touch, ideal for spring and summer.
Nettle Fibre with wool mixes are recommended if you’re looking for the beautiful hand crafted detail, but with added warmth.

The scarves and shawls are not only attractive to look at, but are also very environmentally friendly.

Nettle fibre is a great alternative to cotton and is much kinder on the environment. Cotton production takes a heavy toll on the environment as the cotton plant is greedy for water, and the use of pesticides and herbicides is widespread in its production, in fact almost one quarter of pesticides used in the world are sprayed on to cotton plants! The nettles used to make this scarf are grown 100% organically, with the rich soils in the Himalayan valleys supplying the plant with all the nutrients it needs.

Hand-knitted by members of the Kulung Rai hill tribe (see also ‘about the producers’ when you view each scarf or shawl), the scarves and shawls provide a much needed livelihood for this poverty-stricken community.

100% Nettle Scarf

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Nettle and Silk Mix Scarf

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Nettle and Wool Scarf

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Nettle and Silk Mix Shawl

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